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software engineering

Hire React Native developers.

We make sure that you’re in the position to scale fast, bringing new projects to light or strengthening existing performance. Our skilled React Native developers can help you create modern apps and leverage the benefits of one of the most reliable mobile development frameworks.

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The Ways We Can Make Your Team More Effective:


Unlock instant access to the strongest teach talents

from one of the leading IT services outsourcing destinations in the world.


Perfectly match the current needs of your project by providing not only human resources but also tech expertise, specific skills sets, and knowledge depending on your business requirements.


Make your development process cost-saving and flexible, because of the opportunity to manage and adjust your extended team in the way you consider to be right in the case the development strategy changes.


Establish clear and effective communication practices between you, your in-house development team, and our experts to make sure that we all are on the same page.


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Our Customers Success in the Spotlight:

"I like it when the software development vendor is honest and transparent from the very beginning. This is what I’m looking for in every business deal, and creating my software isn’t an exception. SpaceBus team’s skill to establish a clear development process and effective communication is the main reason why our collaboration was so promising for my business growth."

Richard Osinga

Founder and COO at Triposo, Netherlands

"Managing our IT infrastructure in the way we consider to be right was quite a challenge for our tech team. We faced a clear talent and hands shortage and looked for opportunities to get some help from the outside. SpaceBus dedicated specialists did their best to support us and shared some more effective practices perfectly aligned with our business needs."

Tremain O'Neal

IT Manager, HD Supply , USA

"How can you meet a deadline and budget while creating the custom software in accurate accordance with the requirements and stakeholders’ vision? These guys know the right answer. Their high-end project management skills and constant focus on our business tasks allowed them to fully meet our expectations. This is the kind of partnership you would like to proceed with."

Dave Greeley

President of Chicago Fire Soccer, LLC, USA

Our developers may be able to help you with:

  • Programming Language: JavaScript
  • Development tools: Android Studio, Xcode, React Native Debugger, React Navigation, React Native CLI, React Native Tools
  • Networking: Fetch API, WebSockets, Frisbee, Axios
  • React syntax extensions: TS, JS, JSX
  • Frameworks and libraries: React, React Native
  • Compilers: TypeScript Compiler, Babel
  • State management: React Hooks, Redux, MobX
  • Graphical: Sketch, Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud



What is React Native used for?

React Native is a framework to create applications that prioritize close-to-native UI but still can’t afford native development. This is also the reason why React Native is frequently chosen for fast MVP development to quickly validate the idea, test the users’ response and then, decide on the necessity to create a native mobile app.

What are the must-have hard skills for React Native developers?

The core hard skill of a React Native developer is JavaScript programming and strong knowledge of React Native and JSX syntax. They should perfectly understand the React Native basics like Virtual DOM, plus it would be niche to have experience with related technologies like Flux and Redux.



What are the key soft skills of React Native experts?

The key soft skills of a React Native developer don’t differ much from the skills most IT specialists should have. These are critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills, the ability to learn and accept mistakes.

How do you write a job description for a developer?

Below is a short step by step algorithm on how to write a job description for a developer:

  • Introduce your company, specifying the niche you are working in, the product you have to create, and the specifics of the customers you work with
  • Tell more about the project. Specify if the position is temporary or involves relocation.
  • Proceed with the technologies and skills the developer should have to match the position
  • Write the list of the tasks and responsibilities of a prospective candidate
  • List the benefits of your offer. For example, highlight the opportunity to work remotely, flexible schedule, compensations, corporate events, learning and growth opportunities, and so on.
  • Encourage the potential candidates to send you their CVs or get in touch with your company directly.



How to check React Native developer hard skills?

There are several ways to check the React Native developer's hard skills. Firstly, pay attention to their CV and portfolio to evaluate the complexity of the projects they have contributed to. Next, ask technical interview questions proceeding from the basic to more advanced ones. As an option, you can also ask the potential candidate to create a piece of code using React Native right at the interview.

How to check React Native soft skills?

Checking soft skills is more challenging compared to verifying hard ones. To do it, you can ask for feedback from the previous employer, plus ask a candidate some personal questions to better reveal their personality and assess soft skills at the same time. Also, there are some exercises, games, and practices specifically tailored to soft skills evaluation HR managers frequently use.



What are the best ways to hire a skilled React Native software engineer?

There are three ways to hire React Native software developers. As the first option, you can hire them in-house but get ready for additional responsibility and related expenses. Some companies also prefer to look for candidates on freelance platforms. This is the most cost-effective tactic, however, finding the right talents is very challenging because of the almost unlimited choice options. You also can’t expect 100% commitment and meeting the deadlines, plus there can be communication issues in an international freelance team. 

Hiring offshore React Native programmers from a dedicated development vendor is the best tactic that promises the lowest risks at higher guarantees. By outsourcing your software development process, you get the opportunity to hire a ready-made team of perfectly-matched programmers, get started faster, reuse the vendor’s expertise, and save up to 60% of the development budget, depending on the outsourcing destination you choose.

Why should I hire React Native developers in SpaceBus?

Our company already has a well-established team of skilled React Native developers who are ready to get started with your project right now. Our extensive experience also allows us to successfully solve all the technical challenges, ensuring seamless and cost-effective development tactics.



What is React Native?

React Native is a JS-powered framework for mobile development. The main idea behind this technology is the opportunity to create such applications that will have a close-to-native look on mobile platforms.

Vadim Rozov

CEO, SpaceBus

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