software engineering

software engineering

Extend your team with top-notch tech talents.

Extending your software development team shouldn’t be challenging. It should instantly help you with closing the talent gaps you need for seamless project creation instead. We are here to strengthen your in-house specialists with the tech expertise you need to deliver more value to your customers.

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The Ways We Can Make Your Team More Effective:


Unlock instant access to the strongest teach talents

from one of the leading IT services outsourcing destinations in the world.


Perfectly match the current needs of your project by providing not only human resources but also tech expertise, specific skills sets, and knowledge depending on your business requirements.


Make your development process cost-saving and flexible, because of the opportunity to manage and adjust your extended team in the way you consider to be right in the case the development strategy changes.


Establish clear and effective communication practices between you, your in-house development team, and our experts to make sure that we all are on the same page.


years of collaboration on average


weeks to start a team


average team size

Key clients:

The Backstage of Our Team Extension Process:

01. Find, attract and hire

the top tech talents according to your requirements

06. Communicate, listen and share

each other’s vision to align it with your project development specifics with the aim of making it seamless and effective.

05. Adjust and scale

the extended software development team if there are new challenges your business needs to cope with

02. Onboard and integrate

new team members to get a powerful combo of in-house and remote specialists

03. Measure and evaluate

the performance of your extended team taking your business goals into account

04. Retain and engage

our specialists with the aim of promoting a long-term and fruitful cooperation

Vadim Rozov

CEO, SpaceBus

Let’s talk about your current project needs!

Staying competitive in the modern software market means getting instant access to the technical expertise you need at the moment to proceed with your project creation. Software development team extension services are the cost-effective and time-saving way to cope with this challenge. You are welcome to share the current needs of your project so that we will be able to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for your business boost!