software engineering

software engineering

Let Your Custom Software Idea Start Your Business Transformation.

Getting started with custom software creation may be overwhelming but this is not the case when you have a reliable tech partner nearby. We are glad to support you on each of the stages of your project life cycle, sharing our best practices, knowledge and skills to make your company grow along with your custom software development.

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Cutting-edge Software Creation Practices We’d Like to Share:


Your Idea Validation

to make sure your vision is as promising for your business growth as you expect.


Quality Assurance and Software Testing in accordance with the best DevOps practices to deliver the ultimate value and cut your time to market.


Agile Development from Scratch plus, keeping you involved and updated on each of the development stages.


Innovative Services Integration like Data Analytics, AI and IoT engineering to support your embryonic and cutting edge technology projects.


of businesses outsource their development process to cut costs and risks


month to power your business with a custom software solution


tech-savvy professionals will lead you along the right path

Key clients:

Our Step-by-Step Agile Development Practices in a Nutshell:

01. Align your idea with your business opportunities

The process of software creation begins with accurate business analysis to find out how your idea may work for your business and target market

07. Maintain, improve and scale

Staying focused on your users’ feedback and data analysis insights, we are still here to improve your solution and scale it along with your business growth

06. Deploy and launch

Your solution is ready to drive engagement and business value.

02. Draft Software Specification Requirements (SSR)

This document will guide us through the development process allowing for staying on the same page from the very beginning

03. Create a design solution to empower our common vision

Your idea visualization is the only way to validate it one more time, promote mutual understanding and make sure it fits your customers’ expectations as well

05. Make sure your
solution is perfect

Our well-established QA, DevOps, and testing practices allow us to feel confident about the result and value we deliver

04. Build your software

Let the tech magic begin!

Vadim Rozov

CEO, SpaceBus

Let’s talk about your current project needs!

Staying competitive in the modern software market means getting instant access to the technical expertise you need at the moment to proceed with your project creation. Custom software development outsourcing is a cost-effective and time-saving way to cope with this challenge. You are welcome to share the current needs of your project so that we will be able to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for your business boost!