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Current Trends and Job Outlook of IT Careers For Those Looking for the Best Opportunities in Tech

If you are thinking about joining the world of information technology, you are on the right track. You can be an aspiring programmer or a first-time startup initiator but in any case, the IT industry has a lot of opportunities to offer. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the modern IT market, revealing the trends and the most promising areas to join.

IT Industry Projections and Expectations 2020-2030

The IT industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developed ones. By 2027, IT market revenue is expected to reach $1,57 billion showing an annual growth rate of 7,1%. The most revenue is projected to be generated by the United States, while the market's largest segment is IT outsourcing.

So, the projections we have cited above trigger the next trends in the IT industry, and most of them are directly interconnected. Let’s take a look.

  • Emerging tech growth. As the name suggests, emerging tech is the set of innovating and evolving technologies that come with revolutionizing and market disruptive potential. Emerging tech is also the IT industry sector with the highest growth rate forecast. Logically, the development of this sector will require hiring the best-in-class tech talent. 
  • New job opportunities created by robotics. It is projected that by 2025, 85 million jobs will be lost because of the development of robotics and automation technologies. Instead, 97 million new jobs will be created, and most of them will be tech-related. The new jobs will mostly cover robotic programming and servicing, data management, blockchain, AI, and IoT. 
  • Tech talent shortage. Despite the new job opportunities, the tech talent gap is expected to become deeper. Some expect that by 2030, 85 million jobs will be unfilled because there will not be enough skilled people to fill them. This trend, in turn, will create additional winning opportunities for outsourcing, offshoring, and setting up remote development centers.
  • Work from home. In one of our recent articles, we have already talked about the benefits of working remotely for tech specialists. Remote work or work from home is a strong trend that is here to stay. After the companies adapted to managing remote teams during the pandemic crisis, they appreciate all the advantages of remote work for both team members and business owners.  As for the IT industry, the work from home trend is now moving toward a flexible schedule, allowing the tech specialists to balance in-office collaboration with remote work opportunities. 
  • People Analytics adoption. Hiring remote teams becomes more challenging because of the talent shortage, pressing deadlines, possible language barriers, and lack of cultural fit. That’s why People Analytics solutions will be on the special rise in the nearest future, helping HR managers get a data-driven portrait of a candidate and evaluate their suitability accurately, preventing the possible risks.

The Hottest IT Jobs to Get in 2022

Below are the most promising job opportunities for both beginners and experienced tech specialists. Let’s discover them one by one.

For Newbies

Below are the tech-related jobs easier to get started with and are projected to be in demand in the next ten years. 

1. Business Analyst

One of the benefits of becoming a Business Analyst (BA) is that having a technical background or coding skills isn’t obligatory. Instead, a candidate should have analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to take both a narrower and broader look, and a strong understanding of a specific market or niche.

The average salary in the US - $82,266 per year

2. Marketer

A marketer is one of the tech professionals that is pretty unlikely to be replaced with AI since the creative and tricky mind of a marketer is one of the top skills that companies from all industries need. What’s more, getting started with a marketer career is pretty easy. You also don’t need technical background but can take advantage of dozens of online courses available for free and for a fee. 

The average salary in the US - $84,734 per year

3. HR specialist

Given the current tech talent shortage, the skill to find the right candidate at the lowest possible cost is the one that most modern companies greatly appreciate. The job of a human resource manager also doesn't require you to be able to write the code but you have to understand both the software development process and the essence of the main tools and technologies. The skills to work with people and to use dedicated software are also appreciated. 

The average salary in the US - $70,204 per year

4. Sales representative

If you have the skill to communicate with people, identify their necessities and pain points, show empathy and offer the solutions without being salesy, the job of a sales representative can be your chance for 2022 and beyond. In addition to the skill to sell, you have to understand the product and carefully tailor it to the specific pain point of a target customer. 

The average salary in the US - $69,273 per year

5. Software developer

The idea to become a software developer will also be winning in 2022, and the choice opportunities are almost unlimited. You are welcome to master web or mobile programming, choosing from dozens of promising programming languages and frameworks. 

The average salary in the US - $93,948 per year

6. QA specialist

One of the benefits of becoming a Quality Assurance specialist is that you don’t have to write code on your own. Instead, you have to make sure that the user will be unable to break something in the application coded by somebody else. When considering this job, keep in mind that there are opportunities for both manual testers and automated QA engineers. 

The average salary in the US - $64,546 per year

For Experienced Geeks

Those tech specialists looking for career boost opportunities are welcome to consider the next jobs that will be trendy in the upcoming years. 

1. DevOps engineer

Before becoming a DevOps engineer, you have to become a Middle-level software engineer at least. A DevOps engineer is a specialist that works on the verge of development, operations, and Quality Assurance, ensuring continuous delivery and continuous improvement. 

The average salary in the US - $117,652 per year

2. Cyber Security analyst

Cyber Security analyst is another tech job that will be in special demand during the next few years when cyber attacks will be on the rise. The main responsibility of such a specialist is looking for security loopholes in IT infrastructures and suggesting the best way to deal with them.

The average salary in the US - $86,951 per year

3. Data Scientist

The development of machine learning technologies created a special demand for data scientists. As for the roles and responsibilities of this specialist, their main tasks cover identifying the sources of valuable business data, structuring the information and classifying it, and building predictive models and ML algorithms. 

The average salary in the US - $122,338 per year

4. Cloud Engineer

Cloud storages are on the rise, and its development is especially triggered by distributed cloud adoption, which in turn, requires developing several cloud environments with the same high level of data protection. Long story short, Cloud Engineers will be in demand during the next years, and their main responsibilities will cover cloud services support and maintenance, user policies development, ensuring data safety, managing the users’ requests and creating emergency response strategies.

The average salary in the US - $121,326 per year

Why Partnering with a Development Vendor Will Be Great for Your Career

What company should you choose to give your IT career a boost? If you stand for flexibility, and work-life balance and don't mind working remotely, consider collaborating with a trusted dedicated development vendor.

In one of our recent articles, we have discussed how to choose a reliable development company if you are a customer, but if you are an aspiring programmer, the same rules and practices will work. What’s more, working with a software development outsourcing vendor promises the following benefits. 

  • Upgrade remote work skills

Most outsourcing software development companies are fully remote, and the programmers they source for the customers, work remotely as well. So, it is a good chance for the programmers tired of offices and open spaces. 

But if you would like to work with an outsourcing vendor but have an opportunity to visit the office, consider becoming a part of an offshore development center established in your location. 

  • Get experience with foreign projects development

The core essence of software development outsourcing is the opportunity for foreign tech projects to be developed in a lower-cost environment. In this way, the local developers can get hands-on experience in working with foreign companies, align their business hours with the ones of the customer, and upgrade their English proficiency level.

  • Get paid competitively

The IT jobs are leading the lists of the highest paid ones for several years in a row. The above-average developer’s salary is an especially winning option for the programmers living in the Eastern Europe countries, for example, but working with the companies from the US. 

  • Diversify your portfolio

One of the main benefits of working with a dedicated development vendor compared to a product development company is that the first usually has more projects to handle. As a rule, one successful project is replaced with another promising one, so that the developers can get practical experience with each of them and showcase it in their portfolio. 


Right now is a great time to start with either creating innovations or learning how to create them. Regardless of the tactic you choose for yourself, the dynamic IT industry has a place under the Sun for both aspiring entrepreneurs, novice programmers, and seasoned geeks. 

In this article, we have reviewed the best IT opportunities for 2022 and beyond. So, if you are looking for a trusted tech company to work remotely, send us your CV right now and we will reach out to you shortly.

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