Ahmet - Unity developer

Position: Unity Developer

Location: Azerbaijan, Baku (GMT +4)

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4 years of experience on Unity and C# (with many assets and components), having their own frameworks to build some sort of hyper-casual games such as runner, idle arcade etc.

Proficient knowledge of multiplayer networking systems such as Mirror, Pun2, Fis-Net etc. and WebGL builds includes web3 frameworks with some sort of NFTs , Metamask etc.

Thorough understanding of software design principles and patterns;

Experience in delivering GDD, Sprints, Agile/Scrum method, CPI term, game design brainstormings;

Solid understanding of OOP and Design patterns such as ObjectPooling, Singleton, Observer Design Pattern, Dependency Injection etc.;

Good knowledge of MVC Design pattern and having utils, controllers, and model frameworks for certain games;

Good communication skills.

Technical Skills

Programming and Markup Languages:

  • C#
  • JSON.


  • MySQL


  • Runner
  • Idle Arcade
  • CanvasManager
  • LevelManager
  • ObjectPool

Testing Environments:

  • Zenject

Source Version Control:

  • Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, Plastic SCM, Unity Collab.


  • SocketIO / Websockets

Technologies and Frameworks:

  • Joints, Effectors
  • Addressables
  • Shaders, Shader Graphs
  • Obi Fluid, Obi Rope, Obi Clothes
  • Ultimate Character Movements
  • Ultimate Joystick
  • Open XR, Oculus
  • Bzkovsoft, Eazy Slice
  • Impact Deformable
  • Ragdoll Mechanics, Puppet Master
  • Pro Builder, Terrain Digger Pro
  • Epic Toon FX, Toony Colors Pro 2, PBR Materials, All in 1 VFX Toolkit, Feel
  • Dreamteck Splines, A Pathfinding Project Pro
  • Universal Vehicle Controller
  • Do Tween, Odin Inspector
  • Etc.

Bug Tracking Systems:

  • Jira, SRDebugger, Notion, Coda, Trello

Work Experience

SpaceBus  2022 – present

Unity Developer

Fanz Finance, Istanbul, TURKEY  October 2021 –  February 2022

Game Developer, Software Developer

Dlite Games, Istanbul, TURKEY  July 2018 –  May 2021

Game Developer

Recently Completed Projects

More than 40 Hyper-Casual Games: July 2020 – May 2022 

  • Created own Frameworks such as CanvasManager, ObjectPool, LevelManager etc. Also created runner game framework, inventory system, swerve mechanics, idle arcade framework. In these different genres, used Obi Fluid to make a honey flow, used Obi Rope to make a gas station pump in an arcade idle game, used DreamTeck.Splines to make splined types ways to make characters follow, used PuppetMaster to take damage differently on  different parts of the body, used EasySlice to slice any item in a simulation game, used impact deformable to disrupt objects, used Ultimate Joystick in idle arcade games.

Bugix Multiplayer: March 2022 – May 2022

  • Developed Utils, Controllers, Canvas Manager scripts in MVC pattern.
  • Used base64 hashcode to coding and decoding user variables such as name, password etc. 
  • Used fish-net networking system as multiplayer framework
  • Used the Ultimate Joystick system to move the main character.
  • Language types and canvas texts read by a Json file that is prepared as Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic. 
  • Used addressables system and WebRequest function to download and unpack any uploaded scene in a server. Thus, users can play some mini games in this project. 

Technologies used: Addressables, Fish-Net, Ultimate Joystick, JsonDeSerializer, Accordion, Base64Hash, MVC, XAMPP, MySQL

Fanz Finance Metaverse: October 2021 – February 2022

  • Used Home Designer Bundle to give the chance to the user to create his own metaversed gallery.
  • Used Easy Save 3 module to save these galleries and user variables.
  • Created Web3 framework to connect user’s metamask account to the game. Thus, users could add any NFT that has been built by users to their galleries.
  • First Person Character Controller Movement mechanics also created. These mechanics can be manipulated in the editor or in the game easily.
  • Created a LoadModel Function to give the users the ability to upload their own 3D Fbx files to their galleries. 
  • Extenject used as test platform.

Vadim Rozov

CEO, SpaceBus


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