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SpaceBus’s CEO Vadim Rozov Is Looking to Hone Firm’s Customer-Centric Business Strategy: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2019 and based in California, SpaceBus is an offshore development agency. The organization specializes in building remote developing teams. With such expertise, SpaceBus has some renowned clients in its portfolio, such as Yamaha, Benefits Cosmetics, and HD Supply.

The organization helps clients to make their team effective ways which are as follows -

The professionals unlock instant access to the strongest teach talents from one of the world’s leading IT services outsourcing destinations.

They strive to perfectly match the current needs of clients’ projects by providing human resources and tech expertise, specific skills sets, and knowledge depending on their business specifications.

In addition to this, the team strives to make clients’ development process cost-saving and flexible because of the opportunity to manage and adjust their extended squad in the way they consider to be correct if the development tactics change.

The professionals establish clear and effective communication practices between clients, their in-house development team, and SpaceBus’s experts to ensure that all are on the same page.

Two years back, as a far-sighted visionary in the software industry, Vadim Rozov endeavored to create a technology platform for manufacturers. SpaceBus, a California nestled start-up, recommended targeting the software industry whole with the holistic technology solution.

Entering this scene, SpaceBus’s team envisioned a seamlessly integrated system that will help manufacturers create, digitalize, and monetize their content on one platform.

As GoodFirms endeavors to reveal the inspirational success stories of the CEOs worldwide, the interviewers grabbed a chance to have a candid conversation with the man of the moment leading SpaceBus, Vadim Rozov. Below-mentioned is the excerpt from the interview:

Starting with the interview, Vadim mentions that as a CEO and founder at SpaceBus, he is responsible for general management and customer relations. SpaceBus supplies tech talent and expertise enterprises with perfectly tailored software development knowledge, hands, and competencies.

Talking about the notion behind the commencement of the business, Vadim elucidates that SpaceBus is a young company founded in response to the urgent need of the organizations to support their operations during the post-covid period with high-end specialists’ top-notch software.

The core idea behind SpaceBus is that, despite the global challenges, every mid-level developer can proceed to the senior level. The team helps them along this path by developing personalized career advancement strategies and working on the customers’ innovative competitive projects.

Further, Vadim mentions that experts at SpaceBus embrace change. In an industry like software, change happens every day. Therefore, the experts’ team works with small and specialized teams for every element in the development process that react with agility to the changes happening in the industry.

The organization trusts the employees with insight into the organization’s direction and empowers them with the power to make decisions. Mistakes are inevitable while working, but unless one makes mistakes, one never learns.

Vadim further mentions that SpaceBus provide businesses with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software.

The way to quality software comes from defining its ideal target. Enabling abilities needed by the user, the team collaborates with clients and documents all the necessary contingencies.

The group ensures that all the conditions are met and configured in the system. Utilizing superior technologies, the experts’ team analyzes the documentation and drafts a particularized product for the end customers. This software requirement capability will help to achieve clients’ true vision of the product.

Thus, backed by a team of such expert software engineers, SpaceBus would soon get dubbed as one of the top software development services providers in California at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed is the review reflecting the quality of service offerings rendered by SpaceBus.

Moreover, Vadim elucidates that SpaceBus serve enterprise-level customers. Since the company is a startup company, the team at SpaceBus is on the way to build long-lasting relations with them, helping the clients accomplish their business goals, grow, and evolve with the developers’ tech expertise and skills.

After two years of inception, the experts’ team proudly takes constant variation as an integral part of the roles. Every day is a challenge that comes up with to question, “How to be better than yesterday?.” From researching, testing, receiving consumer feedback, scaling one discovery at the most advanced, and replicating the process, SpaceBus flaunts its innovation-driven culture.

The professional engineers craft a well-defined roadmap that covers the project plan, goals, management, scheduling, and controlling the entire software, along with some required labor and business machines that are instrumental in producing an efficiently managed development structure for all the stakeholders.

Thus, meeting deadline and budget while producing the custom software according to the provisions and stakeholder’s vision would soon endow SpaceBus to grab a secure position amongst the leading software development companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms is evidence of the potential of developers at SpaceBus.

In conclusion, Vadim mentions that SpaceBus aims to provide each customer with an ultimate business value, and that’s why the team assigns a dedicated account manager who helps the developers feel like a part of an organization they are working on remotely.

Moreover, Vadim emphasizes that as a rule; the professional serves the long-time projects planned for six months ahead and needs a team of 5 tech talents at least. Nevertheless, they also encourage the potential partners to hire fewer people, ensure their efficiency and project match, and proceed with placing more ambitious business goals and extending their team with the help.

Vadim asserts that SpaceBus hold several aspiring goals for the next ten years. Firstly, the team plans to open 10+ offices in different parts of the world, partner with businesses from Fortune 500, and hire at least 1000+ top tech talents.

Thus, having read the excerpt mentioned above from Vadim’s interview, one can also go through the detailed discussion published at GoodFirms.

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