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Protonn: Video Content Creation and Workflow Management App

SpaceBus’s out stuffed team has successfully helped to develop a frontend part of a web application for video production, management, and sharing.

Team: 4 people

Period of collaboration: 6 months

Client location: California, USA


While video content is on the rise, many solo entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for ways to produce it in an affordable way, strengthen their marketing strategies, and better engage with their audience. Protonn is an application that helps them with producing personal videos using a mobile phone or web camera. This is the core but not the only feature of the Protonn app. SpaceBus’s out stuffed team was working on the web app MVP to make it even more robust and convenient.

Initial request and partnership with SpaceBus

Initially, the application was available for iOS users only. The customer turned to SpaceBus for hiring frontend developers to create the web version. The initial request of the customer was to create a custom-designed video player and text editor so that the business owners can come up with their personal videos and training materials for their customers using a single app and the camera. The first MVP was developed in 6 months by four frontend developers successfully out staffed by Space Bus, according to the customer’s request.

Technologies used

After carefully reviewing the customers’ business and drafting Software Requirement Specifications, the tech team decided to use JavaScript for web application creation since this is the core language when it comes to web development, in addition to HTML and CSS.

When paired with React.js (flexible and components-rich JS library), the process of web development becomes even more intelligent because of the component reusability. The team also decided to use Draft.js plugins for creating a text editor, namely adding emojis and custom link design.

Challenges and solutions

Meeting the deadline was the main challenge during Protonn app development. While the mobile version for iOS was already powerful enough, the users also expected a web version as soon as possible. The team has solved this challenge by picking the right technologies for streamlined web development and following Agile methodology to stay flexible.

Protonn overview

For now, Protonn is a mobile and web application that allows the users:

  • create a public profile to introduce themselves to the prospective customers
  • create personal videos using the selfie or web camera of their device
  • incorporate PDF files, documents, and images on their videos and dwell on them along with the video (Magic Mode or Picture-to-Picture)
  • upload already shooted videos (up to 2 minutes long)
  • share videos across social media
  • invite the customers to book consultations choosing from the time slots, integrated from a calendar
  • bill the customers and automate invoicing
  • receive payments via popular and secured payment systems
  • access customers’ analytics and generate reports.

All the videos the users create with Protonn are their ownership. The application is available according to the subscription business model.

Development projections

In the nearest future, Protonn will be available for Android as well. As for the advanced features, the team plans to develop a screencasting function along with camera recording, plus add more features for video editing.

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